In meeting your soul, you are getting out of a type of earthbound madness. You are allowing yourself to live the rest of your life without fear of what will become of you on this Earth.

Caroline Myss, “Entering the Castle”

We are living in troubled times. The world is profoundly polarized and increasingly dangerous. We are fraught with paradoxical impulses. The religious institutions and foundations we once turned to are breaking down and failing us when we need them the most. Even with consuming technological communication, many feel the loss of meaningful connection. Our lives are hurried, our minds scattered, our feelings frazzled. Despite days which are full-to-overflowing, we often feel empty and unsatisfied. Our inner world, a rich reservoir of support and inspiration, lies dormant, overwhelmed by the demands of time, and never-ending to-do lists.

Many of you feel an uneasiness you can’t describe. A sense that there must be more to life than this. You have your routines, your habits, your challenges, and your joys. But you feel lost in a way that you can’t quite identify. Sometimes this feels like anxiety, sometimes like sadness. Sometimes it feels like emptiness or a longing for something you cannot name.

Maybe you have suffered a terrible loss. Perhaps the things you thought you could once count on or that you enjoyed the most no longer offer any comfort or pleasure. You may have been betrayed by someone and feel abandoned and angry. For many, this will seem like a crisis. For you, it may seem like a crisis. A wise guide will recognize that these are also signs of initiation. The Divine is calling. For suffering is a holy truth. A truth, because it is universal and impersonal. Holy, because it is a portal for God to reach us. So often the very things we despair the most are also profound opportunities for growth and heart-opening for, as Rumi said “the gift of suffering is compassion”.

Spiritual Direction is both the presence and the practice to help you navigate these changes and embark with a trustworthy guide down the path you’re now on — the sacred journey to your soul.

Spiritual Direction invites presence and grace into your life. It allows you to sit in sacred space with a compassionate witness who can guide you toward a deepening relationship with what is holy and eternal. Through reflection and revelation, Spiritual Direction can move you from the outer-self to the inner-self, to the higher-self. It’s a quieting of a thousand outside voices to hear the call of a higher one.